Luxury Tented Villas - Various Types & Sizes

Location: Supplied Globally

Since 2020-21, we are witnessing a rising boom in the awareness of "Glamping". But owners of glamping properties often struggle with how to find the perfect accommodation & matching public areas for their project.

Ours is one brand that goes above & beyond in this line of work.

They are an established name in creating back-to-nature luxury hospitality architecture, having helped create some of the most elegant tented resorts in challenging locations across the world with upscale experience packages ready to match the resorts.

They are in 40 countries as of April 2022, with a big presence in Southeast Asia, and the rest in other countries like Japan (snow Tents), the Middle East (desert Tents), Korea, Caribbean Islands, Bahamas (storm-resistant Tents) and Australia (difficult-permit location).

Projects in some extreme locations such as Philippines, Puerto Rico and Switzerland are on the way, and they has gone far beyond the role of just "Supplier", into Architects, Designers, Manufacturers, Consultants and Partners.

In addition to Resorts and Residences, our semi-permanent structures are used as Spas, Hotel-Lobbies, Restaurants, Event-Venues, Swimming Pool areas and more.

The spaces are multifunctional and flexible; changing over time, growing to meet expanding needs.

Once installed, and maintained the lifespan of each Villa is 25+ years (with almost any component able to be replaced, recycled or renovated after that to give it a new lease).

The temperature tolerance of each Villa is a wide range of (-20°C to +50°C), is one of the many reasons the product is chosen for extreme locations where the portfolio is expanding, such as in Japan, the Middle East and Africa.

Tent sizes range from 25m2 to 450m2. All are available with insulation, platforms, wood & glass doors, and a choice of roof designs.

As add-ons, they can have luxurious independent or extended bathrooms. We make it easy for Electricals and Plumbing to be added by the client.

  • Hotel rooms
  • Lobby & Reception
  • Multifunctional Spaces
  • Insulation works
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Wedding/Events Space
  • Flexible Spaces
  • Add Doors & Walls Anywhere
  • Luxurious Spa
  • Swimming Pool Area
  • Responsibly-sourced Teak Wood
  • Independent or Extended Bathrooms
  • Every Tent Purchase Includes:

    Chosen Base Tent Model- with Galvanized steel frame, Modular roof, Lockable wall panels, Bamboo covers for poles

    Personalized Project Consultation

    Step-by-step self-installation demo video

    Cleaning & Maintenance kit

    Scaffolding for installation

    Shipping, Assembly and Installation:

    A Tent from us is shipped in labelled-boxes in a container.

    Our client can set it up with a local Architecture team, or have the Escape Nomade Installation Team to come over and install it.

    We also provide detailed step-by-step videos.

    Add-on Services & Products include:

    Site visit, Initial site plan, Layout Design

    Product Selection Assistance– Tent size, model, usage optimization, climate-consideration, clientele-focussed-design

    Feasibility Study

    Technical Support– Schematic drawings, MEP consultation, HVAC consultation, Decks & Platforms, Plumbing, Lighting, Doors & Walls

    On-site installation by Escape Nomade Team

    Additional Tent features, such as decorative canopies

    Interior Design– Signature Escape Nomade Furniture & Décor

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