Island Beachfront Land for Sale on Koh Mak

Location: Koh Mak (South of Pattaya)

Koh Mak is a small island of Trat Province, Thailand. It is a subdistrict of Ko Kut District. The island is named after the areca nut, also known as the 'betel nut'.

The island is about 16kmĀ² and is one of the safest places in the world. Koh Mak is a relatively new island destination and is still a well-kept secret for most travelers.

You will not find a Pattaya atmosphere as there is virtually no nightlife on Koh Mak. The island is about 40 kilometers away from the mainland so it will always be kept well away from the crowds.

Unlike other resort islands such as Phuket, through the stringent implementation of nature conservation regulations and building codes, the Koh Chang island group is experiencing healthy yet strong development.

Under such codes no construction at all is allowed, within 20 m of the ocean front property line, only 1 story buildings are allowed up to the 50 m line and only 3 story buildings after that.

Koh Mak is developing in the same direction as Koh Chang and will allow for a more diverse beach life due to the flat topography where different beaches can be accessed with ease, even at night.

Koh Mak is still largely undeveloped, comparable to Koh Chang and land prices are definitely f=going to increase in the future.

Contrary to Koh Chang 10 years ago, all of Koh Mak can be accessed on surfaced roads and all of Koh Mak has access to electricity. The main port on the island at Ao Nid has just completed construction of a large modern pier to accommodate expected growth.

Multiple other infrastructure projects are ongoing and the island has full access to mainland electricity grid.

The property has Full Chanote tile-deeds and is subdivide-able and ideally suited for Development of:

  • Large Luxury Beach Resort with Spa
  • Exclusive Village with Luxury Beach Villas
  • Condominiums
  • Clinic for Detox, Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Private Airstrip for easy access
  • Sports, Leisure and Commercial Facilities
  • Location by google maps

    2436 Kampung Temonyong, Mukim Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah