Tanjungan Bukit Lodge

Gili Gede, South West Lombok

This stunning boutique hotel is on the gorgeous tropical island of Gili Gede in South West Lombok.

The hotel features 6 well-appointed rooms with freshwater showers. Each room is made with wood locally sustainable materials.

At the front of each room is a large balcony perfect for lying out and relaxing. All rooms have stunning sunrise views out over the water.

There is a large restaurant that can cater to all rooms as well as extra walk-in customers. At the beachfront, there is a small waterfront bar perfect for sunset cocktails.

The land goes from the beachfront and goes up to the top of the hill. There is still plenty of land for further development of more accommodation and hotel facilities.

The world-famous surfing destination of Desert Point is only 10 minutes by boat from this location. Numerous smaller islands, diving and snorkelling spots are all within easy boating distance of this hotel.

This property would suit an investor looking to enter the Indonesian tourism market, expand of a current hotel property portfolio or an investor looking for a profitable turnkey investment.

  • Trading hours: 24/7 operation
  • Sustainably build
  • Absolute beach front
  • Location:

    Lombok International Airport is 1hr30minutes from the harbour and then a quick 10minute boat ride to Gili Gede.

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