Rare EU Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Riga, Latvia

Two 30-story high-buildings - towers - one of which is for premium class offices, and the other - for apartments. It is possible to develop the apartment tower as rental apartments, as a hotel, as Branded residences, or to combine and rent or sell some of the apartments, and arrange the rest into hotel rooms

The property consists of a plot of land with an area of 9192 m2 and the buildings on it, the total area of which is 89,000 m2

The buildings are equipped with the highest quality energy-efficient facade, air humidifier, electric car charging stations, intelligent building control systems, high-speed elevators, automatic fire extinguishing (sprinkler) system, access card system for access to the premises, 24/7 security system, optical Internet (two operators)

The towers have four levels of parking with 628 parking spaces and a spacious reception room with 20 m high ceilings. The four already renovated low-rise buildings (wooden) in the area can be made into additional service places for the residents and visitors of the towers (food, medical, beauty care or others)

Thanks to the uniquely curved architecture, the elegant glass-fronted buildings are flooded with natural light. In addition, the architectural solutions of the towers have been designed by determining the minimum threshold of daylight intensity, thereby promoting maximum daylight exposure and excellent views in all building spaces

The unique window opening system allows clean Baltic air to enter all levels. The three-dimensional shape of the cylindrical facade was designed by the world-famous architect Helmuts Jahns, while the interior design and the design of the entire adjacent area was designed by one of Latvia's best architects - Andis Silis. An inspiring urban landscape and an oasis of well-being beyond time and space

In addition, a plan for the third tower project has been developed within the broader vision of the complex, rising to a remarkable height of thirty stories. The area consists of land of more than 8,000 m2 and four buildings with a current total area of 3,000 m2. The tower, which will reach a height of 120 meters, will boast a generous 15,000 m2 of office space

In addition to these offices, the tower also features well-appointed conference rooms, administrative facilities, a welcoming lobby and an elegant bar and restaurant area. To meet the needs of residents and visitors, the tower offers a convenient parking solution, in which a total of 419 parking spaces are thoughtfully divided into three underground levels

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